Dear friends and followers of A.T,

The global spread of the corona virus, COVID-19, has affected us all, but especially small businesses, with restaurants like ours closing in an attempt to contain the pandemic. Financial setbacks aside, this is also the price these restrictions have placed on our sense of belonging, with food bearing "the seed of happiness among the people" in Japanese culture. With that in mind, and to help all of us through these difficult times, we decided to capture some of the spirit of our restaurant take home.

Sushi Chirashi Style A.T

To take away. Our chirashi sushi boxes contain 1 serving of rice with sashimi and vegetable toppings.

  • Top Quality Tuna from Spain
  • Shiitake Tamago
  • Shiitake
  • etc.

1 Box 40 Euro

We recognize that these are difficult times for all of us and hope to bring a sense of happiness and normalcy in these extraordinary circumstances. I wish you safety and good health.

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